31 August
Jazz Harmony with Renowned Musicians!

24 August
Special Launch Event Extravaganza!

24 August
Your Voice Matters!

15 August
Diverse Entertainment Delights!

3 August
Loyalty Programs Unleashed!

31 July
Website & Online Presence Upgrade!

26 July
Embracing Partnerships and Networking!

24 July
Introducing The Legacy's II : Music & Wine Soirée!

20 July
🎺 Introducing Heritage I : Israel's Premier Jazz Destination! 🎵

18 July
Unveiling Ongoing Promotions!

14 July
Post-Event Announcement: Celebrating the Success of an Unforgettable Evening of Bossa Nova

21 June
Opening of a French branch of our record label in France!

21 June
Grand Opening in France Announcement

1 June
French Independent Day: Proud Sponsorship Announcement by The 4 Jazz

18 April
Collaboration Announcement

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